Net worth: $2.5 Million
Age: 27 years old
Date of birth: FEBRUARY 28, 1992
Birth sign: PISCES
Residence: LA, California
Nationality: AMERICAN
Religion: Cristian
Marital status: Not Married
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: 68 KG

Who is Rudy Mancuso?

Rudy Mancuso is an American comedian, musician and an internet personality who first got famous on the Vine.

Rudy was one of the most famous creators on the vine as he had more than 10Million followers on the platform.

After vine shutdown, he moved to Youtube where he creates different skits, vlogs and music videos.

He also collaborates with many other fellow youtubers including King bach, Lele pons, Anwar Jibawi etc.

Rudy Mancuso Earlier life background, family, Nationality and Ethnicity:

Mancuso, who’s real name is Rodolfo Mancuso was born on 28 Feb 1992, in new jersey, America.

Information about his parents isn’t available except that his father was an Italian-American and Mother was Brazilian.

He was raised in Glen Ridge, new jersey along with his parents and his sister Marianna Mancuso.
He went to Glen Ridge high school.

Rudy Mancuso education:

He studied at Glen Ridge High school.

Rudy Mancuso career:

Rudy is a talented musician, actor, comedian and actor.He started his career on where his first got famous. His six seconds of videos went so popular that he gained over 10Million followers in no time.

After Vine, he created his Youtube channel and started to gain success on this platform as well.

He posts Comedy videos, vlogs and Music videos on his channel.
On has 6.8Million subscribers and gained over staggering 1.1Billion views.

In his videos, he collaborates with many fellow youtubers and ex viners like king bach, Lele pons, Anwar Jibawi and many more.

He is also the co-owner of the famous youtube channel “The awkward puppets”

Rudy loves music and has uploaded many viral music videos with many artists.

He released his very first song called “Black and white” by collaborating with Poo bear in October 2017, and after that, he released his second single “Mama”.

In 2017, Rudy Mancuso opened for Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour in Brazil.

Rudy Mancuso walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan Men’s Fashion Week in 2017.

He performed at the 2017’s MTV Millennial Awards held in Mexico and hosted Hispanic Heritage Foundation awards show with Lele pons in 2018.

Rudy did a science fiction movie “Rim of the World” in 2019.

Rudy Mancuso Awards:

He received an award at 2018 ALMAs.

Rudy Mancuso Net worth:

The estimated net worth of Rudy Mancuso is $2.5 Million, and most it comes from Youtube and different brand deals from Target, Clif bar and Brita.

He also makes money from his music career.


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Rudy Mancuso Unknown facts:

  • Rudy Mancuso can speak Portuguese fluently.
  • He lived in Rio de Janeiro for some time.
  • Mancuso started playing the piano when he was only 5.
  • Rudy was featured on a web series called Amigos. Rudy has been featured in movies like Tough love, Petting scorpion and The keys of Christmas. He also worked in Tv series, Drunk History and Outpost aired in 2015 and 2016.

Rudy Google Trends and Youtube views and Subscribers Graph:

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