Mr Beast Net Worth

Mr Beast Net worth and info:

Net worth: $6 million
Age: 21 years old
Date of birth: May 7, 1998
Birth sign: Taurus
Residence: LA, California
Occupation: Internet Celebrity
Greenville Christian academy
Nominated for the award of the best Vlogger
Nationality: AMERICAN
Ethnicity: White
Marital status: Not Married
Height: 6 feet and 3 inch

Who is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a famous American Youtuber who is remarkably noted for his expensive stunts and philanthropy online and offline.

Currently, Jimmy Donaldson has over 26Million subscribers with 4Billion plus views on Youtube, and also hold the record for the most liked video named “Make this vide the most liked video on Youtube”.

His content revolves around contests with staggering prize money, and he also very famous for donating huge chunks of his wealth to random twitch streamers.

Mr Beast Earlier life background, family, Nationality and Ethnicity:

Jimmy Donaldson was born in Greenville, North Carolina, on May 7, 1998. He was raised by his parents and older brother CJ Donaldson, who also own a Youtube channel.

Donaldson attended Greenville Christian academy, and in sports, he played basketball and baseball.

Jimmy didn’t graduate as he dropped out to pursue his career as a full-time Youtuber.

Mr Beast education:

Donaldson went Greenville Christian academy and after that went to college but dropped out after some time to do Youtube.

Mr Beast career:

Jimmy Donaldson or more commonly known as Mr beast, started his Youtube career in 2012.
His First channel named “Mr Beast6000” contained videos mostly based on Popular video games including Pokemon, Call of Duty, Minecraft and similar ones.

Jimmy didn’t just become a Youtube star without any efforts, in fact, at the start of his career, he only used to get just a few thousand views per video, but that didn’t stop him from posting.

His channel saw a huge spike in views and subs when his video series named “The worst Intros” went viral. In the series, he talked about some of the worst intros available on Youtube at that time.

Although that video series gave him a lift, he marked most of those videos private on his channel so no one can see them.

Seems like Mr beast already had a vision for his Youtube channel as he changed the complete format of his new videos and started making content like “I Bought a car using only pennies”, “Saying logan paul for 100,000 times “, “Breaking glass only using Megaphones” and the list of crazy ideas goes on.

His video in which he said Logan Paul’s name for 100,000 times or a video in which he nonstop watched jake paul’s song “Its everyday bro” for 10 Hours has been viewed over 40Million times combined.

He is remarkably famous for donating money to twitch streamers as well as to people from other professions.

The most popular uploads on his channel that has over 50Million views are “I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard”, “Last To Leave Circle Wins $10,000 – Challenge”, “I Donated $50,000 to Ninja- Fortnite” and many more.

Mr Beast Awards:

Nominated for the award of the best Vlogger of the year.

Mr Beast net worth:

The estimated net worth of Mr beast is $6 Million and most of it comes from his Youtube Career and brand deals.


Mostly Youtubers get paid somewhere within $2 – $7 per 1k monetized views after YouTube cuts its commission.

The total amount of views which gets monetized are from 40% – 80% of the total number of views.

All the views are affected by various factors like device on which the video is played on, viewers country, ad inventory, number of ads on the video, number of time the commercials were skips, type of advertisements, commercial engagement, type of videos and many more.

Advertisers have to bid on the views (minimum $0.01) as an auction is held between sponsors.

There is additionally a program alluded to as Google Preferred where profound stashed gatherings can target advertisements at the top 5% most extreme well-known substance material.

The promotion charges here are superior to consistently. Aside from plugs, YouTubers furthermore create more from YouTube Red watchers who follow through on a month to month cost to see top rate content material on YouTube, also, to watch films without ads.

Here they get a commission dependent on watch time on their movies. The more extended the guests watch their motion pictures, the additional cash they procure.

Mr Beast Unknown facts:

  • Mr beast real name is Jimmy Donaldson.
  • Mr Beast has spent Over $1 Million in donations for his videos.
  • At the moment, Mr Beast has over 4Billion views on his channel.
  • Mr Beast holds the title of “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist”.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mr Beast.

How much money has MrBeast given away?
According to some estimates, Mr Beast has given away more than $1Million in last 2 years.

How does Mr Beast have so much money?
Mr Beast does not belong to a wealthy family. He told in his videos that the money he gives away comes from different sponsors.

Who is the richest YouTuber 2019?
Jeffree Star, with the estimated net worth of $50 million.

How much money do you make if you have 1 million subscribers?
The Average CPM of a Youtuber with 1 million subscribers and Youtube takes 45%.
Depending on the number of views, the creator can make from $1-3k a week.

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